Since 1980

 - Since 1980


Who Can Participate?

Any American classroom, school or district that enrolls — and their parents.

Who Benefits from the NSPME?

The National Student/Parent Mock election makes it possible for students, parents and teachers to have a voice that will be heard 5 days before the actual election.

Why Get Involved?

The Japanese have sent educators to observe “National Election Headquarters” for 4 years in a row in hopes of starting a Mock Election in Japan. American children are energized and involved and discuss candidates, processes and issues under the guidance of their teachers.

How Can Students Get Involved?

Leave as is.

How Can Teachers and Parents Get Involved? 

Go to ENROLL NOW on this website.

How Can Public Officials Get Involved?

Public officials from every level of government can help make the Mock Election in their states’ or districts’ schools a meaningful experience. Consider the role of keynote speaker, participating in a candidate’s forum or a debate with students and parents and/or helping with a Mock Election. Your participation can empower and inspire students to vote for a lifetime or to run for public office themselves some day. To be put in touch with your state’s Mock Election coordinator, or with other public officials who have participated, please contact us at

How Can I Become a State or School District Coordinator?

The responsibility of the volunteer coordinator is to “get the word out and the votes in.” Past coordinators have included public officials, social studies, educators, PTA leaders, colleges, State Departments of Education, and more. If you would like to know if a coordinator is needed in your state or district, please contact