The National Student/Parent Mock Election is the largest civic engagement project in the United States, with a more than 30 years legacy of serving students, teachers and parents.

Who Benefits?

Everyone. Today there are so many avenues for young people to express their views and we believe listening to students is more crucial than ever. The National Student/Parent Mock election makes it possible for students to engage directly in their communities by casting votes in the national and state elections, along with taking part in polls and civic projects.

Why Get Involved?

America has one of the lowest rates of voter participation of any of the world’s democracies. Almost half of eligible voters do not cast ballots in presidential elections (even fewer Americans participate in other elections), and studies have found that many Americans lack basic knowledge about their elected representatives and how our government works. With more than 74 million Americans under the age of 18 today, if present trends continue, most of these youth will not go to the polls and vote. The National Student/Parent Mock Election project aims to encourage young people to share their opinions and concerns about national topics, social issues, education, and their communities.

How Can Students Get Involved?

Student registration is via schools, home classrooms or youth groups.

How Can Public Officials Get Involved?

Public officials from every level of government can help make the Mock Election in their states’ or districts’ schools a meaningful experience. Consider participating in a candidate’s forum with students and parents and/or attending a Mock Election. Your participation can empower and inspire students to vote for a lifetime. To be put in touch with your state’s Mock Election coordinator, or with other public officials who have participated, please contact us.

How Can I Become a State or School District Coordinator?

The responsibility of the volunteer coordinator is to “get the word out and the votes in.” Past coordinators have included public officials, non-profit leaders, educators and more. If you would like to know if a coordinator is needed in your state or district or seek more information, please contact us.


For inquiries about the National Student/Parent Mock Election please email us at


The National Student Mock Election was co-founded by Edward Stanley and Gloria Kirshner in 1980, as the National Student/Parent Mock Election. After more than 30 years, and 18 elections, it still stands as the nation’s largest civic education project and the world’s largest national mock election. Over the years National Student/Parent Mock Election has helped over 50 million students learn about our nation’s electoral process and the meaning of democracy.


Students and teachers are the first and greatest partner of the National Student/Parent Mock Election. Additionally, approximately sixty national businesses, civic, and educational groups serve as cooperating organizations or partners. Many contribute pro-bono services — ranging from free air time on TV and radio to public service announcements, educational webinars, online advertising, promotions and website development. These partners include:


American Association of School Administrators
Council of the Great City Schools
National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation
National Association of Elementary School Principals
National Association of Secondary School Principals
National Association of Secretaries of State
National Association of Student Councils
National Council for the Social Studies
National School Boards Association

Businesses and non-profit organizations

Barquin International
Don’t Forget Ed
NIE Institute
Rand McNally
USA Today