Since 1980

 - Since 1980


Help us Light the Fires of Democracy!

The National Student/Parent Mock Election is the nation’s largest civic education project! Since 1980, more than 50 million children, teens and adults have learned what it means to be an American by participating in the NSPME!

doodle_americana_voteStudents of all ages — and their parents — from kindergarten to middle school, to high school, to college, to adult education, are welcome to participate!

ENROLL by Oct. 30 to join one of America’s greatest traditions: the National Student/Parent Mock Election!

Teachers: find help with curriculum guides here! Don’t forget to include some activities in your civics education: pep rallies, role plays, guest speakers, appearances by candidates or public officials, election night parties, and essay/art contests are just some of the ways schools worldwide have celebrated the National Student/Parent Mock Election since its founding 34 years ago.

ENROLL NOW and become a part of history!